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Cause of Shiite and Sunni Megumi Ikeuchi Middle East large confusion ...

in the Middle East One of the points The second in a series that [the Middle East solve large confusion] by Megumi Mr. experts Ikeuchi of the Middle East problem. The first [Sykes = pico agreements hundred years of spell] is 0 date with, was introduced in this blog with another book that [discussed how the Islamic world]. Reviewers there is interest in the situation in the Middle East, but reliable information obtained by Japan is scarce. Under these circumstances, Mr. us to accurately outgoing Ikeuchi is very reliable presence. Before Author is 0 century beginning, it was something to scoff the view that with the secret agreements of the Middle East division by Britain and France after the Ottoman Empire collapsed, led to a subsequent in Tokyo University confusion [the root of all evil. Series first bullet has sounded the alarm bell in an attempt to try to explain the current large confusion in the Shiite and Sunni] sect confrontation that. There is a Shia and Sunni are roughly in Islam, the Prophet after the death of Muhammad, conflict has intensified in contesting the successor, has become a thing that does not connect or disconnect.

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