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Sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shiite, [easy Kimetsuke] is ...

in the Middle East One of the points Islam of large sects, Sunni and Shia. Middle East dispute these days are often reported as [sect conflict] between factions. On the other hand, the composition of sectarian conflict not only in camouflage, there is also a view that is not the root cause of the confusion. Kazuko Shiojiri Tokyo International Extraordinary professor whether contend [Why Sunnah (Sunni) faction and the Shiites? ] In ([quarterly Arab] 0 Fall), pointed out that the [factors of Iraq and Syria of confusion and not a sectarian conflict], has become a political hegemony and economic interests struggle borrowed the name to [sect] are doing. Sunni and Shiite, which has been co-exist To begin with what is Sunni and Shia is the difference. Among the Muslims about billion people in the world, in general, 0 Sunni from about, the rest are said to be Shia. The most difference is in the doctrine of the factions, but that no one in either the Prophet Muhammad's successor. Sunnis, and the man chosen by the discussion of the believers that they should become successor, Shiites, human-catching Muhammad's lineage to argue that it should become successor.

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