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in the Middle East One of the points Will religion has played what role in politics? The answer to this question is quite different. For example, when attention is paid to religious doctrine and faith, say religious values ​​and divinity itself, or to legitimize the policies and political behavior, social movements, has become the driving force of the political movement, and mass mobilization you can either, Turning to the attribution to religious groups, it defines the formation of a socio-political group, in some cases, it can also be pointed out that also affect the political system and political system . But Whatever dialogue is carried out, those who deny that have been the most actively On the relationship of these discussions is the Middle East Islam and politics would not is. The relationship of Islam and politics, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Africa, but came to be taken up actively also in the study of many requires regional countries Muslims, now in the Middle East, mainly two One of the theme has become a political concern.

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