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in the Middle East One of the points Middle East Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and the revolution continues. On a daily basis even now, not constantly terrorism and conflict of news. Why revolution and political upheaval is so occur in the Middle East. Always Muslim Shiite and Sunni heard in the Middle East news. What is a the difference between the original appearance of this one sect? It describes an easy-to-understand Middle East researcher of Naoko teacher. In news on today's Iraq and Syria situation, we often hear the explanation that conflict of [Shiite] and [Sunni (Sunni)]. It is that there is One of the sect in Islam, even if somehow know, what's that do not know the difference between a will at the truth. Of course, we have a different situation in Iraq and Syria, this time, what is basically what is different in two factions, and why I would like to describe what factions are fighting. Who is going to lead the Islamic community The first place the origin of the factions division, who has been triggered by the question of whether going to lead the Islamic community.

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