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Shiite and Sunni, what is the difference? In fact, conflict with ...

in the Middle East One of the points Minority Muslim sect According to the US research institutions Pew Research Center, currently, Muslims about billion people in the world. The split is in the Sunni, as the rest of the split is a Shiite. Shiites in most of the country's minority. Often living solidified in some areas. Exception is in Iran, more than the people of the split is the Shi'a to count 00 million people. Azerbaijan In addition, Iraq, are also the majority in Bahrain. That said, and be in the scriptures of the Koran, pilgrimage to Mecca, and year times of fasting month (Ramadan), most of the rules are the same in the two factions. The main difference is, The number of choice (per day Sunni times, Shiite times) Shia is the grave of the religious leaders (habit not to Sunni) Shiites tolerance to idolatry (there is such as religious leaders of the portrait, which prohibit the Sunnis) Such. But, [or do the Ashura, do not do] I think the biggest difference is it. Ashura is carried out twice a year, Shia largest religious event.

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