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in the Middle East One of the points Saudi Arabia prominent journalist, the Jamarukashogi was murdered in Saudi Consulate General of Turkey Istanbul, it is apparently a mistake that seems. Shadow of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to play in the [reformist] behind Kyoko is flickering. But the root of the problem is deeper. To tell the truth, it is between Turkey Saudi there is a historical feud over the hegemony of faith and community. To begin with the two countries, but belong to the same Sunni Muslim, is different [version] of the faith. Therefore to come a different way for each other, they are holding a also a different view of the world now. The beginning is a century. Most of the region, which is now referred to as the [Middle East] was the Ottoman Empire. Capital is Constantinople (now Istanbul), and the Turks had to hold the power, Muslims of the Balkans. On the other hand, (the western part of the Arabian Peninsula) Islamic holy sites of Mecca and Medina is in the Hejaz was a backward areas to cultural and politically.

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