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Qatar isolation is thought confrontation rather than a sectarian ...

in the Middle East One of the points Saudi Arabian Crown Prince alternation of news, crisscrossed the world to have an impact. Salman king of his son, while Muhammad bin Salman is the position of deputy crown prince, it is a young leader of substantially Saudi is, knew everyone. But, until removed from the position of bother Prince a cousin serving as Muhammad bin donor IF, now, have to raise the bid of the next king, wonder what it was. There has been the authors of surprise in contact with it in the news. What to Danko and Qatar than is happening in the current situation where tension is growing between Iran. Muhammad bin Salman (commonly abbreviated as MbS) is against Iran, versus Qatar it is the hardliners, are well known. For a matter that Qatar is to isolate from Arab countries to lead the Saudi, many of the Middle East researchers [than in Ramadan things are settling] and is the direction that optimism was strong, MbS but if with your podium of impunity, it is also doubtful.

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