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[Q & amp; A] Sunni and Shiite, What is the difference? Photo sheets ...

in the Middle East One of the points [Date AFP] Sunni Islam (Sunni) day in Saudi Arabia, which is the majority, in the wake of that death penalty of the clergy has been enforcement of the Shia (Shiite), tensions with Saudi Arabia and Shiite powerhouse Iran again It is growing. Iran to the Saudi side to it, had repeatedly requested that does not carry out the executions. About the differences between Sunni and Shia that have divided the two countries, summarized in Q & A format below. Q: factions are circumstances that divided is? A: Tour of the successor to choose the century Islam of the Prophet who died in the first year of Muhammad (Prophet Mohammed), disagreements between believers is born, was developed into a sect division. Muhammad to the believers who thought that we should choose a successor from among the disciples, should Muhammad's relatives will be successor, the Muhammad had support as his successor, cousin of Ali (Ali) believers who argue that appears, the faction is [Ali Shia (meaning partisan Shia in Arabic)], it came to be known as Shi'a after.

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